Thursday, October 21, 2010

I love fall!!!

Funny story... I had a client tell me about this fabulous day she spent up at snowbasin. She went on the gondala ride, ate brunch, and went on a hike to the top of the mountain. A few girls and me decided we really wanted to go. We got all excited and ready, drove up there and what did we was closed. The last weekend was the 3rd, which I failed to see on the website when planning our hiking day. But we decided to go on our own little hike. I had been on this little trail before but the trees werent as pretty before. It serioulsy was a beautiful day. We are so lucky to live where we live.
Me and Ki!

This is random, but this table has old and now new memories.

I feel like this is pretty enough to be a screen saver... ha ha

Beautiful snow basin

Thursday, October 7, 2010

high school never ends...

this was a different kind of day from hell. more like the icing on the cake as it was so nicely put to me today. it sucks that as we grow we do realize that things dont really change. just like the song high school never ends, its so the truth. we may not be in high school but life seems to mimic it. everyone has the slut, the bitch, the shy one, the hot guy or girl, the prom queen, the high school sweet hearts, etc either at work or in your group of friends and you realize that people still go to the teacher and tatletail. isnt it sad that some people never really grow up. we still result to playground bullying and talking behind our friends backs and playing telephone gossip. all we can hope for is that some people will finally realize that the adult world is usually better. come join the grown ups.

Monday, October 4, 2010

And just me talking...

In the last few months a lot has happened. The real loves of my life left me, I went to jamaica and had one of the most experiences of my life, I took on more responsibility at work, I chopped my hair off needing some change, and I feel like my life has spiraled somewhat out of control. Its crazy that as you do get older you realize stuff about yourself. I have had my moments, more moments than not lately, but I wonder where I went wrong, why I realized what i did wrong to late. I miss my girls, I miss him.

The saddest update continued...

As most of you know I have two little nieces that live with me that i am pretty much in love with. My brother(their dad) just got stationed in texas. I am happy that their family finally got the chance to be together but that means that I would be losing my girls. I was able to fly out with them to texas. I actually got to see the house they will be living in which made me feel so much better. I love those little girls with my whole heart. Our house had seemed a little empty the last little bit and every time I talk to my niece and she asks me if I am coming home I get a little emotional. I miss them even more than I thought.

The girls bathroom I helped set up

Isn't she a gem

Oh her attitude

The funnest update continued...

JAMAICA!!! Something I never thought I would do, somewhere I never thought I would go. It was amazing. I was so glad I got to go with nat. I will never forget it...

Our first view of Jamaica!!!

Our first dinner

Helping do the brides hair

Ki's dad walking her down the best isle in the world

Ha ha funny story with this picture. Me and nat were at this restuarant at the resort. A giant place and out of the whole place it was just me and her. It was freezing and no one would even come and take our drink order. We considered leaving but after 30 mins people finally arrived haha this was a good night...

Our guides on a glass bottom boat ride. The guy in the white shirt seriously LOVED natalie. he would have married her there if she would have let him.

Not very many people get wedding pictures like this. This was the main reason we went. My good friend from work had a destination wedding and we tagged along.

Another funny picture for a story. There is this place that you have to wear a suit jacket and slacks to. If you don't have these you are not allowed to eat there. It is supposed to be their fancy restuarant. Anyway it was nats birthday and we wanted our friends to come with us. We had to make exceptions considering camerons nice clothes had gone home with the parents. We got pulled outside, told to keep it low key, and they were putting us in the corner. ha ha it was seriously so fun..

They even made nat a birthday cake.

It was natalies birthday while we were there. It was a very successful birthday at that. We went to this amazing place called ricks cafe. You can cliff jump there and they say you see the most beautiful sunsets there. We were there during rain season so it was hard to see sunsets but that night was definitely the best sunset of the week. It was so pretty. Happy birthday friend!

The group at ricks cafe

Could it get any better

ha ha this is on the nude beach at the resort

In jamaica they have a julie mango and a julie tree!! this is a julie tree

Me and nat on the beach that last day

On our way to ricks cafe

Another sunset we saw on the catamiran boat ride
They have giant star fish there. That really is the only cool thing that have in the water out there

Update continued...

VEGAS!!! I went to vegas with a few girlfriends and it was a blast. We did so much and had so much fun. Looking at the pictures made me wish it was there right now. Walking along the strip just people watching. So much fun...

All the dessert from the buffett we went to ha ha!

Me and Ki

All of us at dinner before the circe de sole(not sure how to spell it) show.

This was a resturant next to the one we were eating at and couldn't help ourselves.

A much needed update

There are just few things that have happened since i last updated so I will go in topics...
These are just few fun pictures of my summer with the girls. I knew it would probably be my last one with them so I took all the chances I got. We went to the roy pool a lot, 4th of july at layton park was fun, we went to syracuse days, we went a carnival at the mall, the dinosaur park, the duck park in kaysville(where rose felt that she should eat the bread rather than give it to the ducks), and much more. Over all it was fun and I got to spend lots of time with her and meilee.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what the hell...

Well at this moment I am sitting in the bleachers at layton high(go blue) wondering just that... What the hell? I need something to write my thoughts on or in and at this moment my blackberry will have to do. I arrived home from jamaica last night so I should be on cloud 9 right? The total opposite, I woke up in my bed and disappointed to be there. I have totally vacation anxiety I guess. What I wouldn't give to be there right now watching the sunset on the white beach drinking a pina colada. Now that I am home and my heart hurts for more than one reason I have to ask this question which hopefully someone can give me some insight on... What does the heart want? Are we all the person that wants what we can't have? Or is the statement you don't know what you have until you have lost the full truth? Is that as we get older we truly have to search into our hearts and find which side we fall on? Find out if we really know what it is that we want? The future is one of those things that we are not suppose to know otherwise it would ruin the journey and I sometimes beg to differ. You can find out the sex of your baby, why can't someone sit and tell me what my future husbands name is or when I will meet him? I feel like knowing would ease so much pain cause I would not miss that journey. Does anyone agree? Is the pain worth the glory of it in the end? I am at this moment all over the place. I am not even sure if this makes any sense. I do wish that we could get back the days where our concerns were only of not studying for a math test and people telling you to enjoy the joys of being young because, even though our parents said it, like does get harder you do experience pain and regret and heart ache and disappointmnet so much more. I can think of one time in jr. High when my eyes were this swollen and it was so devastating and now it seems so small, I would almost take that moment back for this, that heart ache for this heart ache. Heart ache is always there it just only magnafies which scares me cause I can't imagine what would be worse than this. The jamacians have a way of life that is so different from ours, everuting is aright mon. They say irie all the time which means just that, they feel good its all good and that is hopefully going to be my savior at this moment, knowing that everyting is going to be alright, its going to be irie.... I hope.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I don't believe you.... at least I don't want to

I don’t mind it
I don’t mind at all
It’s like you’re the swing set
And I’m the kid that falls
It’s like the way we fight
The times I’ve cried
We come to blows
And every night
The passion’s there
So it’s got to be right

No I don’t believe you
When you say don’t come around here no more
I won’t remind you
You said we wouldn’t be apart
No I don’t believe you
When you say you don’t need me anymore
So don’t pretend to
Not love me at all

I don’t mind it
I still don’t mind at all
It’s like one of those bad dreams
When you can’t wake up
It’s like you’ve given up
You’ve had enough
But I want more
No I won't stop
Because I just know
You’ll come around

No I don’t believe you
When you say don’t come around here no more
I won’t remind you
You said we wouldn’t be apart
No I don’t believe you
When you say you don’t need me anymore
So don’t pretend to
Not love me at all

Just don’t stand there and watch me fall
Because I, because I still don’t mind at all

It’s like the way we fight
The times I’ve cried
We come to blows
And every night
The passions there
So it’s got to be right,

No I don’t believe you
When you say don’t come around here no more
I won’t remind you
You said we wouldn’t be apart
No I don’t believe you
When you say you don’t need me anymore
So don’t pretend to
Not love me at all

I don’t believe you
Pink's words say so much that I only wish I could actually say

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wow, how time flies...

So much has happened since I even wrote on here. Rosie finally got better after being down at Primarys for a week. That was for sure the hardest thing I have had to go through at this point in my life. But she is doing much better now. Chris did finally end up leaving to go back to Korea to finish out his 6 months he has left on his deployment. That was hard to see him go, especially right after we finally brought rose home from the hospital, but he is strong as well as his wife and they will make it through. Just the normal stuff has happened since then. I did turn 24 which was just crazy. It is insane how old we are getting, it seems yesterday I was 18 graduating and thinking that the best years of my life were ahead of me, no one said they would be hard before they got good. Like always we have gone through the holidays, birthdays, celebration as normal. Life is pretty much as it should be. It just keeps going on even if we are not ready for it. Most of the time I am not.

Getting ready to leave the hospital finally!

Dropping chris off at the airport on valentines day...sad

The fam went down to st. george for my birthday and just a little get away.

The little rug rats at the easter egg hunt. Rose was pissed when the eggs were gone..."Ju where are all the eggs, I want more eggs!"

My friend Kiele and me at laser tag. She was terrified and I was her protector!!!

Little baby has started to grow up. She sleeps with this bear every day.

The girls getting ready to head to a princess party.

All the princesses at the princess party!

Princess Rose was so tired. We couldn't get her out of her crown and dress all night.

I chopped my hair and went black and blue. Pretty different from red and orange!

The babies at the girls blessing

Girls night with my favorite ladies...go salon pure!

Just took rose to see shrek. She was so freaking excited to see it. I took her to get ice cream afterwards where she kept saying she wanted to go see shrek. We tried explaining to her that we just saw it, but she wanted to go again and wasn't listening to any of our other suggestions....stubborn girl.